Technotec Energy Systems

Technotec Energy Systems Comprise Of Dedicated And Competent Engineers Specializing In The Manufacture,supply, Installation Repair And Maintenance Of A Variety Of Institutions Catering Equipments And Furniture. We are experts in fabrication of Modern Energy saving Jikos, Baking ovens, water heating systems, tea urns, chips fryers, and a wide range of furniture.

We offer consultancy in energy saving equipments and cheap baking and pastry classes to those who would like to venture into baking industry. Technotec Energy Systems is an innovative enterprise which was started in 2004 by an Entrepreneur,
Mr. Geoffrey Yegon who saw business opportunities in renewable energy and energy  saving technologies for social and economic development.Technotec Energy Systems is one of its kind in Kenya providing reliable products and sound services based on the philosophy of professional integrity, innovative and advocacy for sustainable use of natural resources. The Services Are Offered Through Efficient, Acceptable, Adaptable And Business Oriented Approaches.

The business saw an opportunity in homes and institutions and noticed that there was a challenge in saving energy, especially used for cooking, and hence his move to invent kitchen and home appliances that not only cut down on power costs but also save time and reduce hazards.

Since then the company has grown rapidly and it was fully incorporated in 2012 under the companies Act (Cap 486).It has branches in Nakuru, Eldoret and Kericho

To be a leader in technology that quickly responds to the conservation of our environment

To provide quality and affordable cost effective products anchored on applied research, innovation for self development and sustenance; to help institutions cope with increasing challenging environment


Integrity: We embrace Honesty, accountability and transparency in all our undertakings
Professionalism: In order to achieve excellence and competence we commit ourselves to professional ethics
Fairness: We aspire to serve our customers with fairness, respect and humility

Motto: Quality through Integrity

Way Forward

To enhance promotion of the renewable energy saving technologies, Technotec Energy Systems is seeking for likeminded partners supporting the same technologies within the communities through development of such energy saving jikos projects for for improved livelihoods as well as conservation of the environment. This will greatly contribute to drastic reduction of carborn emissions.

To engage more partners in renewable energy to enhance business growth as well as realise the targets set for carbon emission reduction and improved livelihoods.

To distribute and install over 5,000,000 energy saving jikos both for domestic and institutional by the year 2030